The Romanian-Belgian Business Club was founded in 2013 as an association under Belgian law, resulting from previous initiatives of the Romanian Embassy in Belgium – Brussels Commercial and Economic Promotion Office.

The Club was founded by close collaboration between the Embassy and a representative group of Romanian and Belgian organizations and companies.

The goal of CAROMB is to build and develop a business network (network of companies and businesses) useful for investors, entrepreneurs and managers who currently have business in Belgium and/or Romania, or for businessmen and women interested in developing new projects in both Romania and Belgium.

CAROMB’s mission is to promote a favorable environment to the development of economic cooperation between Romania and Belgium by informing members about new business opportunities, stimulating entrepreneurship and facilitating the exchange of know-how and experience.

The main objectives of CAROMB:

  • Increase awareness of Belgian successes in Romania;
  • Attract potential investors to Romania;
  • Inform club members about the latest developments in Romania in economic, fiscal and commercial sectors or in other areas of interest.

The club is a platform for the dissemination of commercial and economic contacts between the economic actors linked to Romania and Belgium; for the exploration of new business, investment and cooperation opportunities; and it also represents a support tool for dialogue between businessmen and women and Romanian experts or political decision-makers in various key fields.

CAROMB thus stimulates the debate of ideas, the dialogue between the specialised structures of the two countries, mainly in the economic field, and provides flagship projects of bilateral cooperation in the current European context.

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